Mark that one down for the books....

     This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to work along side the brilliant Kiya Tomlin- Owner/Designer/Creator of Uptown Sweats and her awesome design team that consisted of Assistant Designer- Brittany Meyer & Stylist/Merchandiser- Mel Witzberger, as well as the lovely Reese Randall- Producer/DirectorMakeup Artist- Tamie Konzier, Model - Allie Newmeyer & Photographer - Tony.  I have to say it was a weekend that will play a very significant role in this story of mine. 

Its truly amazing what can come to life when like-minded people collaborate together and let the creative side take over. We all have a quest on this incredible journey we are on.This one is definitely a mile stone we will mark that one down for the books. I am so humbled and blessed to have the incredible opportunities that I have been given so far and I truly believe this is a beautiful kickstart to what is in store for Studio Lux. Join us on this journey.


Whats your most memorable moment in your career so far? Maybe it was something to inspire you to take the leap and get you to this step!  Feedback is always welcome.   

Xo, -M

New to the blogging life, but excited to dive in.

   I am an artist by trade and from the gift of God but I am no where close to being a writer (as you will soon find out) but I am bringing you into life through my eyes, so I hope your ready! <3

 Blogging is very new to me but i believe in our field it is always important to keep up with your skills, in whatever area that may be.  My trade of choice relies behind the chair or "btc" as you will hear me reference. But I feel, us as stylists, it is much more than that. I love that our guests will come to us broken, lost, frustrated, or simply just because they need to be lifted up, and by we doing what we do, EVERYDAY we can make something beautiful out of  whatever situation is given to us.  Life is so beautiful and so is what we as stylists do. But having incredible guests who love and support you makes everything we go though.. worth it.  

Just sending a little love for the day - showing my heart for my guests and for my craft. God is good and so is this beautiful life we lead.  XO- M